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 In Quest of e-Math!
Products & Demos
MathAid offers highly interactive educational software products for e-learning mathematics. Our products work equally well offline from the hard drive or CDs, on the local network, and from the Internet. DEMO versions are available either online or as downloads.

Organization of MathAid Products

Our products are designed for interactive self-paced learning or reviewing a corresponding math course. Every MathAid product includes Tutorials and Self-Tests.

Tutorials consist of so-called Basic Blocks that cover particular topics and include lessons of three different types:
  • Concepts contain all necessary theoretical background;
  • Interactive Examples illustrate dependence of mathematical objects on the parameter values;
  • Problems with variable parameters (generated randomly) allow inputting and checking answers, and viewing correct answers and full solutions.
Some chapters of the new generation of MathAid products include Review Problems. These problems are more complicated and include step-by-step hints that guide the student by breaking the problem into elementary steps covered in corresponding Basic Blocks. The full solution is also provided, as usual.

Self-Tests system works in Test mode and Test Review mode, and includes History.
  • In Test mode, the system allows selecting topics and number of problems for the test.
  • Test Review provides correct answers and full solutions for all problems in the test.
  • History serves for saving the test results for each user.
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